Shape of the Project

We’re aiming to publish the final report of this project next September.  This will outline what’s been learned and make recommendations.

From now until next Spring, I will be gathering evidence from curators of collections, other interested people plus published and unpublished sources: desk research, meetings, social media conversations, mailing lists …    I’m developing a communications plan to work out who we need to contact and how to get conversations started.  This blog, and readers’ responses to it, will be vital in establishing these links.

Fortunately I have a bit of a head start.  I did masses of desk research and other info gathering while working on the Special Collections Handbook (due from Facet Publishing in November), far more than made it into the finished work.  This work will be a useful base for the new project.

Next Summer, I’ll be writing the report.  After publication, I’ll be working with the Project Board to market the report, so that its recommendations help curators, parent organisations, and current and future users of collections.


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