Advisors Wanted!

Postscript 6 February: There has been a fantastic response to this, and I now have a large group of RLUK librarians ready to act as the formal advisors, including some national library representation.  However, I’m really interested in hearing from anyone else who wishes to contribute more informally.

The Unique and Distinctive Collections project will be supported by an advisory group of RLUK special collections librarians.  I already have a good number of librarians who have offered and we nicely cover the spectrum of RLUK libraries.  However, if anyone else is keen to get involved, please let me know.   I would particularly welcome interest from national library staff who are not so far represented.

I’m trying to ensure that this will not be too demanding for those who are kind enough to offer help.  We would mostly be in touch by email as I call for case study ideas, bounce suggestions and so on, but meetings will be helpful later in the project.  Ideally these would be arranged to coincide with events many of us will be attending.

Input into the project is of course not limited to those in RLUK or on the advisory group: we are looking for insight and examples from as many sources as possible, all of which will inform the project even if it does not get specifically mentioned in the final report.   If you are doing something innovative with your collections, or if you have particular queries you want to share, please do get in touch.


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