We’ll be gathering evidence for the project and sharing what we’ve learned at many conferences and meetings over the next year or so.  As you can see, there is plenty of cross-promotion with Alison’s other professional writing and activity and with other RLUK initiatives.  Presentations will be made available online whenever possible.

We are very keen to communicate about the project with as many interested parties as possible, so please let us know if you have any ideas.

More to follow …

15 November 2011. Hard Times: Historic Libraries Forum conference.  Alison is talking about the challenges in managing special collections in hard times and will introduce the project as a way to help librarians make the case for collections.

24-25 November 2011. RLUK Members’ Day, London.    A chance to meet delegates from RLUK libraries, share project progress, and seek support.  It will be a welcome opportunity to meet the OCLC folk to discuss the publication of the joint survey, which will be a vital part of this project.

29 November 2011. Beyond the Fringe: archives of pressure groups.  British Records Association conference.  In her presentation, PaxCat Tales, Alison will share her experiences of managing problematic but highly unique and distinctive collections – and mention the project as an example of helpful collaboration.

28-29 February 2012.  OCLC EMEA Regional Council Annual Meeting, Birmingham.  OCLC are a key partner in this project.  Alison will update OCLC members from the Europe, Middle East and Africa region on progress so far.

21 March 2012. Slot at the Archives Discovery Forum, an informal event which brings together those interested in opening up archives for discovery.

12-14 September 2012. CILIP Rare Books and Special Collections Group Conference, Oxford. This year’s conference is on Advocacy.  The project will be nearing its fruition; Alison will share what has been learned to help delegates in the struggle for resources.

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