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Happy New Year: Building the Bibliography

Happy New Year: I’m looking forward to working on this project and sharing it via this blog in 2012 … and here’s a lovely New Year photo from 1956.

Man with New Year twin lambs

Man with New Year twin lambs, from National Library of Wales flickr stream

Just now, I’m putting together the  literature review.  It’s essential to know what has already been written, as background and to provide case studies and examples.  I’m not just looking at formal academic and published writing. Lots of fruitful discussion of professional issues now happens informally on blogs and other social media, not to mention at conferences, meetings etc.   So my net will be cast wide …

Of course, the task is  made easier by The Special Collections Handbook (now published!): I reviewed the literature of all aspects of Special Collections work so I could recommend the most useful books, journal articles and websites to readers.  Many will be relevant to the Unique and Distinctive project.  However, I need to bring the review up to date (most of the Handbook reading was done in Spring 2011) and make sure I haven’t missed anything vital!