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Mind the Gaps

I’m now writing  up the final report of the project.  The first draft is due with the Board next week.  This will survey what is going on, and most importantly look at what can be done, by individuals, institutions, groups and the sector.  It’s a major task as you can imagine.  It is good to start writing up because it highlights gaps in evidence or knowledge very clearly.

Can you help with any gaps?

I currently lack evidence on:

  • national libraries – challenges, where these differ from other libraries.
  • collections that are not managed as part of “special collections”.
  • projects and activities using collections in subjects outside the humanities.

I also need more on the IMPACT of projects and activities using collections – how these help with mission and what difference they make.   The Board and the Advisory Group will help, of course, and please get in touch if you have any suggestions.